Catalyzing Change, Sustaining Impact

We dream that every entity in the world are collaboratively contributing towards sustainable social impacts for a better future. With our bold rethinking of social development, we partner across sectors and empower individuals and organizations to catalyz changes and sustain impact.

Sustainable Development Goals

Philandure is a Social Impact Catalyzer, a proud Malaysian born entity with a global vision. Aligned with all the Sustainable Development Goals, we are the next generation of social business, empowered through creative and impactful talents, in connecting sectors to enable social impact.

Our Flagships

PHIL NAVI is an initiative to assist the public who wish to donate to any organisation, by providing simple background information on said organisation, to prevent any misuse of aid resources by the civil society organisations.



It acts as a monitoring system whereby it operates by analysing the background of an organisation board members, teams, projects, beneficiaries and impact of the civil society organisations or the causes. 



PHIL NAVI believes in the transparency of the civil society organisations or the causes and the public by making sure the public are making an informed decisions on their resources.

Certification for Development Professional

This certification is globally recognized for development and humanitarian relief professionals. This certification functions to fill a substantial gap in sector standards and providing a more comprehensive framework for development

The available courses:

1. Project Development Professional (Project DPro)
2. Program Development Professional (Program DPro)
3. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning for Humanitarian and Development Professional  (MEAL DPro)
4. Financial Management for Humanitarian and Development Professionals (FMD Pro)

A specially designed talent development program covering five competency quadrants for development professional working in the third sector which are self-management, technical knowledge and skill, social development, leadership & strategy and organisation development. 

Available courses are: 
1. CSO Executive and Management Program
2. 360 Program
3. Bootcamp Series 
4. MyCSO Program 

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